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2018 Preconference Workshop
October 4, 2018
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Members of the NRWA save with a preconference workshop registration rate of $120.00.  Nonmembers are invited to attend at the rate of $200.00.  To receive the member rate of $120.00, members must log into The NRWA website.

Don’t Be Linked-OUT! Content Writing, Networking and the Technical Backstage

LinkedIn experts Tom Powner and Brittney Beck provide an arsenal of valuable information you can put into immediate practice. PLUS you’ll receive an extra 2 CE units to help you achieve or renew your NCRW certification!

Are you ready if the paper resume disappears and is replaced by LinkedIn? Everyday more professionals are securing new career opportunities with LinkedIn as the leading recruitment tool. Our industry is not protected from digital disruption and we cannot sit on the sidelines while technology evolves around us.

On a scale from 1-10, how do you rate your expertise level with LinkedIn? If you are not a 9 or better, then you should join us for this value-packed workshop.

When you leave our session your LinkedIn muscles will be pumped with knowledge and techniques on how to do the following:

Content is King

  • Writing LinkedIn content in a branded, engaging, conversational and value-based format to get clients more interviews, and you more clients.
  • Creating LinkedIn profiles that are in sync with the resume.
  • Understanding the 14 content sections of a LinkedIn profile, starting with a branded headline.
  • Knowing how LinkedIn keyword algorithms, matching and density work with LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Drafting content with style and readability in mind — because just like on a resume, it matters!
  • Writing with LinkedIn Recruiter software in mind.

Networking on Steroids

  • Recognizing the strategy behind building a large, centric network.
  • Understanding LinkedIn’s three-degrees of separation.
  • Identifying who to connect with and how to do so in a way that nurtures a strong network.
  • Using scripts that increase acceptance rates for connection requests.
  • Tapping into underused networking power, including use of “where are they now” for past colleagues, clients and fellow alumni.  
  • Being assertive with the “who viewed your profile” function.
  • Sharing content via blogging and posting to earn followers.
  • Recognizing the difference between following and connecting.
  • Understanding the benefit of LinkedIn Groups that are contrary to popular belief, not yet dead, and still frequented by hiring managers.

Technical Backstage

  • Understanding the best Account, Privacy, Ads and Communication settings to fit your client’s needs.
  • Employing LinkedIn messaging and organizational tips.
  • Understanding why it is key for your clients to update their career interests.
  • Comprehending the LinkedIn Recruiter spotlight function to get recruiters to call your client first.
  • Setting job search alerts with added filters.
  • Using Boolean searches on LinkedIn for better results.
  • Knowing why a paid membership is worth every penny and how to use your extra tools.
  • Understanding the pros and cons of LinkedIn’s public profile settings. 

Brittney Beck, NCRW, CCELW
As an up and comer in the industry, Brittney Beck has quickly demonstrated her dedication to the craft by becoming one of the youngest NCRWs in the country, with an additional CCELW (Certified Career Enlightenment LinkedIn Writer) certification, in LinkedIn profile writing. Brittney has developed her skills as one-half of the dynamic writing duo at Vocamotive, an Illinois-based career services firm that specializes in assisting transitioning job seekers.  It is no secret that her preference lies in LinkedIn profile writing, and she has shared her passion for the site on a number of platforms over the years. 

A career-changer himself and proof “it can be done,” Tom resigned from a 25-year career in business development, operations, and sales leadership in 2011 to create Career Thinker Inc. His goal is to make a difference by providing people with career services, coaching, technology, inspiration and confidence to motivate them to take action and advance their careers. He believes everyone needs to be the CEO of his or her career and unleash their personal/professional brand value.  
Tom is an industry leader and strategist on everything LinkedIn, which places his clients in perfect positions for career growth opportunities.  See our recent Q&A with Tom.  

Preconference Workshop - 2 CEU Value!

Members of the NRWA save with a preconference workshop registration rate of $120.00.  Nonmembers are invited to attend at the rate of $200.00.  To receive the member rate of $120.00, members must log into The NRWA website.

(Thursday, October 4 - Separate Registration Required)

Don’t Be Linked-OUT! Content Writing, Networking and the Technical Backstage 

Brittney Beck, NCRW, CCELW


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