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NCRW - Nationally Certified Resume Writer - Unparalleled Excellence in Resume Writing

Nationally Certified Resume Writer Certification 

Unparalleled Excellence in Resume Writing

Becoming a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) associates you with the NRWA's standards of resume  excellence, which reflect sales-focused, relevant, succinct career search documents that are quality-oriented and visually appealing. 

While not a prerequisite, in our experience those with the greatest chance of NCRW exam success have had at least 2 years of experience writing resumes and cover letters as either a new business owner, or as a staff member of a college career, workforce investment or military transition center.

To earn your certification as an NCRW, you must be a member in good standing with the NRWA and complete the Certification Process. 


$175 NRWA Membership

$75 Writing Sample Review

$250 Exam Registration

Additional costs include costs for continuing education credits and potential exam retake fees.


Step 1: Sample Review and Study Guide Quiz

The NCRW Study Guide quiz ensures that candidates have reviewed NRWA resources on resume-writing standards. The sample submission is to help gauge where you are with your current skills and if you need to prepare more to successfully pass the test. You will receive feedback from an NCRW commission grader that will help you prepare for the test or to submit another sample, if needed. You must receive a "Ready" recommendation from the grader to proceed to the NCRW Exam (Step 3).

Step 2: CE Units (CEU)

NCRW candidates must report 10 in-house Continuing Education Units (CEU) that the candidate has earned within three years prior to taking the NCRW Exam. CEUs can be earned from a variety of sources including presentations, conferences and workshops, coursework, and more.

Click here for the NCRW CEU information page.

NCRW status is valid for three years. To maintain status, NCRWs must maintain continuous membership in the NRWA and earn at least 15 CEUs between three-year renewals.

Step 3: Exam

After completing steps 1 and 2, NCRW candidates may register for the NCRW examination. In the exam, candidates will be provided a fictitious client profile and asked to write a resume and cover letter based solely on the information in the client profile provided.

Further questions about the NCRW Certification Process? Check out our FAQs!

Certification Commission:

Sally McIntosh (Chair) 
Pat Kendall
Judy Friedler
Michelle Dumas
Kimberly Isaacs
Mary Jo King

Grading Panel:

Norine Dagliano
Nelly Grinfeld
Kimberly Isaacs
Jeremy Johnson
Kathy Keshemberg
Cheryl Minnick

Please contact with any questions.

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