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Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT THE ncrw PROCESS

What should I submit as a "Sample Package"?

Samples must be in compliance with the NCRW Study Guide and the Gregg Reference Manual, 11th Edition. Include the following: 

  1. A self-authored résumé in both Word and PDF formats.
  2. A matching cover letter in Word.

What disqualifies a Sample?

Samples are rejected if they have been previously used for another association’s certification program, have been written by another party, were previously critiqued by the Writing Excellence Instructor, or the the writer did not adhere to the submission instructions.

How shall I address limitations that my client presented?

We want to see what you know about strategy, formatting, writing, and professionalism.  Address challenges and limitations by embellishing the sample; make it more relevant and succinct.

How shall I fictionalize my documents if they were written for an actual client?

Disguise your client's résumé and cover letter by replacing the client’s personal information with fictional information. Think outside the box when fictionalizing a client's documents; create a name, contact information, company, employment dates, and education that are believable. 

How can I remove my name from the document?

In Microsoft Word, click on File in the menu bar. On the Info page click on "Check for Issues" then click "Inspect Document." After Word inspects the document, click "Remove all" by the option "Document Properties and Personal Information."

After signing up, will I receive a logo that I can use for my website or is that only after the certification process?

If your membership dues are up to date, you can display The NRWA Member logo. The NCRW Certification logo is reserved for people that have passed the certification exam.

Where can I find information about the NCRW certification fees and where to send them? 

Click on the following link for information about the process and fees:

Where can I find the NCRW Study Guide

Click here for the download page for the NCRW Study Guide.
(Note: The guide is a members-only document.)

Advisory Board:

Sally McIntosh (Chair) 
Pat Kendall
Judy Friedler
Michelle Dumas
Kimberly Isaacs
Mary Jo King

Grading Panel:

Norine Dagliano
Nelly Grinfeld
Kimberly Isaacs
Jeremy Johnson
Kathy Keshemberg
Cheryl Minnick

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