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What’s Saving My Life This Month? Special Conference Edition

September 07, 2021 3:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

By Amanda Brandon, NRWA Newsletter Editor

WriteSea – the Order Management System Just for Resume Writers

As part of our 2021 NRWA Conference focus, in this issue we wanted to tell you about a tool that is changing resume writer operations management for the better – WriteSea. WriteSea is our CyberSpace sponsor for the upcoming conference.

I've been a WriteSea customer for about six months, and I'm so excited to tell you about the Order Management System (OMS) that's designed just for writers.

What is WriteSea?

WriteSea is a SaaS technology that concentrates on short-term writing projects that involve customer feedback. You can expect a simple solution that will increase your efficiency and offer unparalleled transparency to your clients.

The software gives you a system for managing ALL of your client communications, documents, and orders from one dashboard. That's one of the main reasons I bought this tool. It helps me see everything in one place.

Watch their explainer video here.

Who is Behind WriteSea?

I've worked in the startup technology world since 2009, and I believe it's important to know WHO is bringing new solutions to market. Brandon Mitchell, founder and CEO of WriteSea, started his career as a resume writer and has worked with thousands of job seekers from all walks of life and industries. When I learned this, I was intrigued. I think user experience is essential in software design, and who better to build a solution than a resume writer.

Another person I want to mention is Adrianne Burnikel, sales executive and customer success manager for WriteSea. She loves educating customers on how to use WriteSea and helps you every step of the way. She has lots of ideas for making this product work for YOUR business. Plus, her checklists are perfect.

What Does WriteSea Cost?

I think it's essential to address this topic. WriteSea is not an off-the-shelf project management tool. It's a tool that's customized to your business. It does cost more than most order management systems, but it replaces many other systems. The company charges "by the seat" for this service. I personally pay for the entry-level pricing ($199/month), which gives me access to the entire feature set and allows me to add one writer to my team. (I plan to add a freelancer in the next couple of months, so this is a scalable solution for me.)

I suggest you speak with Mitchel Roe, WriteSea's product owner and customer success associate, on how this OMS makes your life easier and how it can save you money. He and I did a deep dive into all my "systems," and WriteSea replaced four tools, which equaled about half of my WriteSea subscription fee. Also, the time savings is significant.

WriteSea estimates that their platform saves you 40 minutes per client.

What does WriteSea do for the small team?

Adrianne and I sat down for a chat last week, and she shared some of the key features that make this such an attractive tool for team management.

  1. You can proofread your writer's drafts before they go to the client. If you manage a team, it's easy to lose track of drafts. WriteSea allows you to see drafts and versions before your client receives them.
  2. Clients can chat with their writer in real-time. This was another feature that sold me on WriteSea. You can chat with your clients right inside the app or the web portal. Keeping all the communication in one place puts this OMS above others.
  3. Your clients can add many types of files. I don't know about you, but I have clients who send me PDFs, JPGs (of awards and certifications), Word docs, and more. I constantly have to clear up space in my email because of attachments. You don't have to do this with the WriteSea OMS. They upload the documents right to the client portal.
  4. Get ahead of customer service issues. When a client reviews their files, they're asked to review their documents with a star system. Anything three stars or below alerts the WriteSea admin and the writer. This can help you clear up misunderstandings and problem-solve in real-time.
  5. See your financials on one dashboard. I love that I can see all of my projects and financials in one place. This is especially helpful for the small team. The dashboard can give you a picture of who is producing the most sales, where you are on financial goals, and more.

What are some unique WriteSea features?

  • Tipping feature. Currently, WriteSea uses the Stripe payment system in the OMS. With this payment portal, clients can add "tips" to their orders. If this doesn't align with your business, you can simply turn it off or ask clients to donate to a "fellowship fund" for people who can't afford resume writing services.
  • Vetted contractors. WriteSea has a backup service for you if you get overwhelmed or go on vacation. They can provide resume writers via a staffing agreement for your clients while you’re away or if you want to offboard some work. The writer staffing service is an additional fee for WriteSea customers.
  • Free training on setup and hang-ups. I mentioned this before, but I do think it is the best part of WriteSea. The team goes out of their way to make your business successful.

What's next for WriteSea?

September is a big month for WriteSea. They are launching two major programs – an accelerated startup program for new resume writers and the addition of coaching-specific features to the platform, like notetaking and more.

Let's start with the accelerated startup program. This program is aimed at the new resume writer and features a reduced service fee for the first six months. It also includes an on-demand sales and marketing training series. Contact Adrianne at if you want more details on this service.

Lastly, WriteSea is gearing up for fundraising in Q4 2021 and beyond, so if you’re interested in learning more about investment opportunities, please contact Adrianne. WriteSea could be the next unicorn!

Meet the WriteSea Team

Brandon Mitchell is the Founder and CEO at WriteSea, one of the fastest-growing business management platforms for writers and coaches in the career services industry. Brandon started his career as a resume writer and has worked with thousands of job seekers from all walks of life and industries. Before launching WriteSea, Brandon worked as a technology consultant for PwC, a global accounting and advisory powerhouse. He has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Earn Your Leisure, The Squeeze, and Blapitalist for his insights. Find him online at

Adrianne Burnikel is a sales executive and customer success manager for WriteSea. She assists career services businesses around the world with improving, upskilling, and streamlining their operations. She's had the luxury of working with some of the most prominent firms in the industry and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Find her online at

Mitchel Roe is a product owner and customer success associate for WriteSea. He assists clients with mind mapping our platform to their business needs and solving complex feature and UX/UI problems. Mitchel is a trusted partner for all things tech, features, and systems. Find him online at

Want more info on the OMS made for resume writers? Contact WriteSea at or visit

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