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Member Spotlight: Kim Ribich – NCRW & Career Coach

November 02, 2021 4:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

By Caitlin Gonzalez, NCRW – NRWA Staff Writer

Nestled in the cozy mountain town of Crested Butte, CO, known for its winter skiing and spring wildflowers, you will find Kim Ribich diligently writing resumes and coaching clients to help them achieve purposeful, meaningful careers.

Kim RibichMuch of this is new to Kim; she only recently moved into her Crested Butte home last weekend (at the time of writing this article), and she began her resume writing practice about one year ago. This "newness" symbolizes her adventurous and courageous spirit while also exhibiting how she seeks to maximize all that life offers. What a beautiful combination to gift job seekers as they navigate their journey towards intentional living!

Kim brings skill in crafting life-changing resumes, a determined work ethic, and a community-centric approach to the NRWA. She "dove right in" to the career services industry in late 2020, and we are so fortunate to have her with us.

A Passion for Solution-Focused Servant Leadership

Interested in understanding more about how people think, feel, and behave, Kim achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Alverno College in her home state of Wisconsin. She had intended to go into this field upon graduation but found she felt less suited to orient around problems and preferred to orient around solutions. While she did not become a practicing psychologist, she was spurred into helping professions throughout the nonprofit sector. Her education has remained relevant and helpful throughout her life and work.

Kim served as a Program Director for Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families, where she pioneered a statewide program to connect and support families adopting children with special needs. Then, after moving across the country to Colorado, she worked on behalf of child and animal protection with the American Humane Association, eventually spearheading the grants program. Kim also worked as Office Manager for Adam's Camp, offering developmental therapy programs and family support to children with special needs.

Later, an opportunity opened within The Colorado Health Foundation, and she went on to become their Events Manager overseeing all public-facing events, conferences, and training. One of her most significant accomplishments was steering their annual award-winning conference. She noticed many other nonprofits struggling with event coordination and management and was repeatedly asked to help guide external strategy and planning. A new professional challenge then emerged – entrepreneurship.

The Dawn of Kim Ribich Consulting, LLC

Kim Ribich Consulting, LLC was born in 2013 to help nonprofits seeking event management expertise. Being able to help more organizations was a fulfilling extension of her events management role at The Colorado Health Foundation. She was also reminded of her "roots" in working one-on-one with people in an advisory role.

In 2020, she began contemplating a 180-degree career change to pursue individual coaching and resume writing. In June of 2021, she made the leap from full-time event consulting to full-time career service support. It was a natural extension, interlacing together her love of writing and helping others.

As a resume writer and career coach, Kim guides clients to answer the inspirational and critical question posed by poet Mary Oliver, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" In response, she partners with clients to define a vision of what true success means to them with genuine care, positivity, and commitment to quality results. With this mission set in place, she coaches clients into the next chapter of their careers and helps them develop resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job search packages.

"I see myself as a 'theme weaver'—helping articulate someone's career story and unique contributions." Clients have called her a "beacon of hope" during and after this process.

Kim became credentialed as a Certified Digital Career Strategist by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC) and a Certified Life Coach by Life Coach Training Systems.

NRWA Involvement – "The NRWA is My People; You're My People!"

Before launching her resume writing and career coaching services at Kim Ribich Consulting, she came to the NRWA's website to dip her toes in and test out the industry waters. She started by taking the self-directed Resume Writing 101: The Foundations course. "Oh my gosh, I really loved it; [resume writing] has the best of everything," she exclaimed. "It combines my love for writing and helping others." This realization and instant love for the industry left her motivated for more after finishing the initial training. "The rest was history; I was hook, line, and sinker! It has been a whirlwind."

A whirlwind, indeed! Kim went on to take the Writing Excellence course in early January 2021 and was a certified NCRW by April 2021—no small feat!

Shortly after, she was tapped on the shoulder for her expertise in event management and joined the Conference Committee to help with the 2021 NRWA Annual Conference. "No experiences or moments are wasted," she explained regarding the full-circle nature of serving with event management within her new industry. You will be seeing her name throughout the 2022 Annual Conference as she helps drive the planning efforts.

Being in the NRWA has been instrumental in her journey as a resume writer. "Having an association or organization like the NRWA is so great. I don't hesitate to reach out to other members when I have questions, and I have been so instantly welcomed. Everybody has been so open and willing to help."

Thank You, Kim!

Kim gives job seekers the support they need when facing career changes and leads by example with her own career journey. She makes a positive impact not only with her words but with her actions. By pivoting careers and moving across state lines to cultivate a life she loves, she also influences others to make courageous choices.

She also inspires us to get involved and not take this "one wild and precious life" for granted. Within months, Kim joined the NRWA, got certified, and joined the Conference Committee. This motivation is contagious!

Kim, thank you for all you do for our organization and the clients that you serve!

You can contact Kim at either or

Caitlin Gonzalez is a resume writer and the founder of Career Over Coffee, LLC in Raleigh-Durham, NC. She specializes in writing for technical professionals after seven years of hands-on IT experience in Corporate America. Find her online at

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