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As a career professional, you are constantly reminding your clients of the importance of continuing education and staying on top of the trends. We know all too well the importance of learning in career success. And, as we get busy helping others, we often don't make time for our own continuing education!

The NRWA strives to provide on-demand, relevant learning opportunities for career professionals including webinars and convenient training. The goal of each of these is to help you maintain your skills, build your credibility, and stay on top of the industry's dynamic trends at your convenience.

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Value-Added Services to Offer Your Clients

Presented by Adam Zajac, NCRW and Brittney Ripley (Beck), NCRW, CCELW 

Friday, September 20, 2019, 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m., ET

In this webinar we will cover several service add-ons which can easily be added to your service offerings to improve your clients’ job search efforts, increase client satisfaction rates, and provide additional revenue.

The value-added items which will be reviewed include:

  • Labor Market Analysis Services – We will review the type of information gleaned from Job Browser Pro and OASYS, explore how you can leverage them for better client success rates, and add them to your services.
  • Job Search Tracking Documents – We will provide examples of job search tracking tools you can use to help clients be more methodical as they apply, how to use them to further client success, and share how to incorporate these services into your pricing.
  • Elevator Pitch Development –We will walk you through approaches to developing an elevator pitch, the value it provides for the client, and how to add this onto standard service packages.
  • Interview Preparation – We will discuss a streamlined interview preparation process that you can offer as an add-on service to ensure your clients ace their interviews and not just land them.
  • Job Search Template Letters – Extending the client’s brand to template documents (cover letter, thank you letter, etc.) is a no-brainer. Examples will be discussed so you know how to extend a brand to template documents through formatting and content.
  • Needs-Focused Coaching – We will share how to add needs-focused coaching to a project for those clients who need extra TLC throughout the writing process, and how to charge for it.


    Eligible for 1 CEU. This one-hour webinar is $19.99 for NRWA members and $39.99 for nonmembers. It will be recorded and distributed to all participants.

    About Adam Zajac:

    Adam ZajacAdam is an accomplished career services and brand development professional with 13 years of experience sharing his expertise in resume and LinkedIn profile writing, career strategy, strategic communications and marketing with job seekers, organizations, and small businesses. Since 2005, Adam has worked for Vocamotive, Inc., a vocational rehabilitation and career services firm located in Hinsdale, Illinois. Adam began marketing his resume writing and LinkedIn expertise to individuals outside of the vocational rehabilitation environment in 2012, and soon became a well-respected and in-demand expert sought by experienced professionals, managers, and senior executives throughout the country. He now runs a standalone resume and career services division at Vocamotive and oversees a staff of talented associate writers. His resume services client base has also grown worldwide, and he has worked with clients in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    About Brittney Ripley (Beck):

    Brittney RipleyBrittney is a Senior Associate Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer at Vocamotive, with a focus on career development strategy. She holds an additional certification in LinkedIn profile writing. She is a regular presenter at industry conferences, networking events, and at universities, speaking on the importance of building a personal and professional brand, particularly as it relates to resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Brittney has an education in strategic communications, as well as considerable experience in writing, career development, and personal branding.

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    Using a Lead Magnet for Automatic Follow Up and Consistent Sales

    Presented by Rebecca Metz 

    Creating a lead magnet on your website is a powerful way to turn website visitors into new clients. By implementing a lead magnet (or opt in) on your website, you have the power to collect email addresses from those who visit your website, giving you the opportunity to share your expertise in an authentic way and build your sales. Automating your follow up creates more consistency in sales and leaves you free to do what you do best!

    Part 1: Creating a Lead Magnet on Your Website

    Friday, October 4, 2019, 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m., ET

    lead magnet

    In this webinar you will learn how to:

    • Increase sales on your website through a systemized sales funnel.
    • Build credibility with prospects through content marketing. 

      Part 2: Nurturing and Following Up Leads

      Friday, October 18, 2019, 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m., ET

      people in formation

      In this webinar you will learn how to:

      • Create a powerful nurturing sequence that turns website visitors to new customers. 
      • Automate processes for following up with potential sales.


          Parts 1 and 2 are stand-alone topics, so you can register for one or both. Each one-hour webinar is $19.99 for NRWA members and $39.99 for nonmembers. Discounted pricing available for registration for both parts:

          Member pricing for both Part 1 & 2: $32.50

          Nonmember pricing for both Part 1 & 2: $70.00

          Both webinars will be recorded and distributed to all who are registered; neither qualify for CEUs.

          About Rebecca Metz:

          Rebecca Metz

          In a room full of powerful entrepreneurs, Rebecca Metz realized that they were reaching the top of their game, but sadly missing the mark with getting their message out. From that, an idea was born.

          Rebecca Metz, creator of Web Pages that Sell, developed a system that helps her clients to get their magic online and get more business . . . consistently. An intrinsic educator, Rebecca’s secret sauce is taking the scary out of technology. She teaches clients to use and manage their website and integrate it with social media and other marketing tools to create a powerful brand image — one they can update as often as needed.

          “My clients understand how their branding tools work, and they have control over their technology,” she says. “They call on me when they need to, but know they have the power to make informed decisions and execute changes themselves.”

          Presenter Social Media:



          Twitter: @rebeccametz

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