The New and Improved Writing Excellence Program - More free training resources! Discounts on membership and certification fees! Exposure to professional subcontracting opportunities and much more! Register Now! Our Next 9-week session starts October 9, 2019

Writing Excellence Program is Still Open for Registration

We've pushed the start date of the Fall Writing Excellence Program out to October 9, 2019, giving you more time to register and more time to prepare for certification before the start of the new year! Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this unique and highly valued training.

In the past month, three prior program participants became NCRWs! Read what they said about the program:

I took the Writing Excellence course the summer of 2018, hoping that it would provide me with the information and skills needed to become an NCRW. Norine's fun and engaging, yet professional and knowledgeable teaching style made class really enjoyable. I saved all of the homework assignments, emails, and PowerPoint presentations, knowing that they would come in handy not only in preparation for the test, but in my daily interactions with resumes. When this summer came around, I began reviewing all of this material, as well as the NCRW Study Guide, and took the test in July. Guess what? I passed! I would highly recommend anyone considering the NCRW certification to enroll in the Writing Excellence program. You won't regret it! - Jennifer Czerniak

If you're serious about getting certified as an NCRW, you owe it to yourself to enroll in the NRWA's Writing Excellence program. Before the class, I was a good writer with a basic grasp of the NRWA's guidelines and standards. Ten weeks of working with Norine Dagliano transformed my skills, deepened my understanding of resume best practices, and gave me the tools, resources, and confidence I needed to be a successful writer. Within a few weeks, I passed the certification exam and became an NCRW. Writing Excellence thoroughly prepared me for the exam and was a major factor in my successful outcome. I highly recommend the course to you. - Julia Mattern, NCRW

I heard yesterday that I passed certification! I am so very happy and want to thank Norine and the Writing Excellence program. The knowledge and skills she so generously shared in the class put me over the top, I am sure. I owe it to her and the program! Many, many thanks! - Paula Scott Gross, NCRW

Have you been wanting to enroll, but feeling like you can't afford the cost right now? Did you know that if you apply for and pay with PayPal Credit, you can pay for the program over 6 months, interest free? That breaks down to about $262/month for members or $287/month for nonmembers. Less than the cost of a resume!

Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., ET starting October 9 and ending December 11, 2019 (with the week of Thanksgiving off). All sessions will be recorded.

Click here to register. Or, if paying with PayPal Credit email to register and take advantage of 6 months of interest free payments!